Stephenson King to a divided UWP: “I am available!”

Stephenson King to a divided UWP: “I am available!”

Former United Workers Party (UWP) leader, Stephenson King, has announced to the party which is reported to be wracked by deep divisions, that whenever the organization needs him, he is available. He did not, however, elaborate on what he is available for.

King spoke last night as members of his Castries North constituency gathered with individuals from the Castries Central constituency of expelled former UWP MP, Richard Frederick, for a closed door Town Hall meeting on Darling Road.

King would not however, be drawn on whether he would seek the leadership of the UWP at it’s next convention.

Frederick was not present at the gathering.

While announcing his availability in an interview after the session, King stressed that more than anything else there was need to stabilize the party and prepare it as a “credible opposition” and an alternative government.

King, a former Prime Minister who lost the leadership of the UWP to his former Tourism Minister, Allen Chstanet at a party convention in 2013, disclosed that ever since that time the party saw a new style and approach to conventions and the contest for leadership of the UWP.

“It was unprecedented and we saw the development and the creation of a team going into the convention which meant that in presenting a team you eliminated the rest of the pack, and once you do that then you begin to technically and literally create divisions within the organization,” the former UWP leader asserted.

His comments follow a recent public call by UWP Deputy Political Leader, Lenard Montoute, for the party to heal its internal rifts as a matter of urgency.

“It is a situation that some may not enjoy is that the issues concerning the operations of the party have been put out there in public, but what happens within a political organization has everything to do with the nation. The problem is if it is not dealt with within the party and it comes out in public then it means that the entire nation is called upon to be aware of some of the issues as articulated by the Deputy Political leader,” King declared.

He explained that the Darling Road meeting of members of the Castries North and Central constituencies was intended to discuss a number of issues relating to the operations of the UWP and clear the air on “certain situations that exist.”

According to King, the intention was to continue holding such joint constituency meetings.

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