CMI President urges laws against internet posting of youth sex videos

CMI President urges laws against internet posting of youth sex videos

The President of the Caribbean Mentorship Institute(CMI), Saint Lucian Felicia Browne, has expressed concern about recent uploading and sharing of videos of adolescents in their school uniforms, engaging in pornographic and illegal gang activities.

Browne believes that the implementation of cyber laws is urgently needed to protect the rights of youths and children, and called for a halt to the sharing of posts that violate the rights of others.

“The Institute makes a dire plea to inform educational institutions, parents, guardians, mentors and peers to ensure that preventative interventions are implemented to educate youths/students on the potential dangers of social media and the internet,” Browne said in a statement to the Times.

While acknowledging that social networking is a fundamental aspect of human interaction that has improved education and communication, the CMI President nevertheless asserted that it has created “devastating outcomes” for many young victims who become victim to cyber crimes like cyber bullying, child pornography, identity fraud and child trafficking.

“ When students are seen in school uniforms posing with gun images or conducting sexual acts and intercourse, we should reflect on the values- that we have instilled in them as a society. We should not assume that our youths “know better” but rather implement preventative and interactive dialogues that will assist with their formative growth,” Browne declared.

She said that once a child is given an electronic device like a tablet, a mobile phone or a laptop, he or she should be sensitized to the dangers that could occur.

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