Castries South East MP addresses UWP disunity reports

Castries South East MP addresses UWP disunity reports

Despite calls from the Deputy Political leader of the United Workers Party , Lenard Montoute, for the party to urgently address internal divisions before the next polls, Castries South East MP, Guy Joseph, has said that the party is ready for elections.

“Today I am in Soufriere to declare that the UWP is ready for the elections and the attendance here is an indication that we are ready,” Joseph told party faithful at a political meeting in Soufriere last night.

According to the former Communications and Works Minister, if the crowd was any indication that the UWP is divided, then the party should remain divided.

“Tell them Allen is not dividing the party. Flambeau has two sides – inside and outside. You know why? Like the Republicans in the US we are going through a phase of campaigning. As soon as they have selected their candidate everybody falls in line and supports who the Presidential candidate is. The same thing is going to happen on the 15th of November when we go to convention to make the final decision. That is the final convention before elections and whoever is chosen that is it,” Joseph asserted.

“You cannot reconcile with people who do not want to reconcile with you. Reconciliation is a two way street and everyone will have until November 15 to decide which side they are on – inside or outside. In the meantime we have business take care of, “ Joseph told the crowd.

He warned party faithful not to be sidetracked, saying that there were a lot of persons in the ruling Saint Lucia Labor Party who do not want to see Allen Chastanet as leader of the UWP.


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