Not even a psychiatrist can help Allen Chastanet’s UWP

The United Workers Party (UWP) is doing a good job to stay in opposition for a long time. Too smoothen the embarrassment, my pipe is burning red hot watching Pope Francis. I expect to receive a blessing to pass onto the UWP because not even a psychiatrist can help the aristocrat Allen Chastanet’s UWP. Leonard ‘Spider’ Montoute is the latest to dance all over the aristocrat Allen Chastanet with the help of Rick Wayne on TALK lastThursday, September 24, 2015.

The Spider’s web spread its legs and turned-up the heat stored in his abdomen to make his feelings public. He confessed the sins of the UWP. A party of mongrels in total disarray falling apart one at a time.If you ask me, the UWP has suffered in silence for a long time in deep lamentation. Lately, the danger is more visible. UWP is not ready for general elections and cannot win with the aristocrat Allen Chastanet. The Spider’s web way out of the experiment (the aristocrat Allen Chastanet) is #AllenChastanet Must Go! 

I was one who believed and still do that it was a case of false hope to restructure the UWP with the Castries mulattoes. Bystanders thought it was in poor taste to bring out the illiteracy of the majority of 300 delegates, and parliamentarians to accept grand gestures. Some received sealed envelopes to bring pretty faces in the party, hopeful thereafter the executive would choose a political leader to lead the party into general elections. I never thought delegates and parliamentarians were so naive to get hooked into a lofty experiment. Now all can see: to experiment with the aristocrat Allen Chastanet, an overgrown baby boy, was childish. This goes to show how his business skills destroy everything he touches. He is making good use of his double pedigree in Allenomics. 

The weekend paper, the Voice of Saint Lucia, has become the modus operandi of Allenites aided and abetted in Allenomics. The guiding principles of subtraction and division! The plan is to blow up the Spider’s web. This will not work. We have no more tolerance for hypocrites overloaded with twisted missions!Now everyone knows the division in the UWP is deep and no cosmetic unity can cover the scars in a mongrel party. I am told tribalism is in full swing, vowing to punish Leonard ‘Spider’ Montoute for speaking up. Openness is not permitted if members are not in the cabal of Allenites – the only ones permitted to speak for the party with impunity.

So, next month ‘Spider’ is expected to face the disciplinary committee and suffer expulsion from the UWP like Richard Frederick. The “Allen Chastanet Royal Club” is a sorry tale of functionally illiterate candidates and lousy lawyers making claims to constituencies they cannot win in Castries Central, Castries South and South East, Soufriere, Anse La Raye/Canaries, Dennery North and South and Micoud South.

Unknown to these lunatics, their main role is to serve as surrogates at the table of the Castries mulattoes. A lesson the junior lawyer Alfred Alcide, a Rasta among baldheads, learned the hard way. Belelesh for Alcide, the Johnny come lately to the cesspool of characters pecking on a bone. The communications manager Lionel Ellis is chief mascot clowning for his salary three months in arrears; Sam Flood’s loudmouth is impartial and cannot see beyond his personal gain to drive a vehicle either given or loaned to him? Arsene James is blue vexed the outstanding balance at the ATM is suffering from insufficient funds. So much so he has returned to take his seat in parliament; UWP Women in Action (WIA) is awaiting resurrection to select a new president in the person of either Nancy Charles, the Chastanets’ best friend, Leone Theodore-John as kisser in chief to the Chastanets or better yet will the vapid, empty Raquel Du Boulay Chastanet get the nod? The youth arm is in disarray replaced by a civil servant, a mendicant in the person of Dan Stephens; Ezechiel Joseph (Lang Lou) is blasting everyone at a zonal conference suspected of not supporting his cabal and accusing Stephenson King of being Tori Fatal.

Has the aristocrat Allen Chastanet started making monthly contributions to the UWP fund? When he was minister of tourism he refused. His excuse was: “I am not a member of the party”! Now he is political leader; is the excuse insufficient funds?

After trading barbs for three years, choosing conflict over cooperation, it is too late for the aristocrat Allen Chastanet to apologize. Longstanding members are tired of crazies in the UWP a psychiatrist cannot help! I will take the damaged anchor Timothy Poleon’s advice and lend a hand. I will wear my polo shirt # AllenChastanet Must Go! 

Article by TORI FATAL


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