New FRC publications launched for Creole Heritage Month 2015

New FRC publications launched for Creole Heritage Month 2015

The Folk Research Centre announces the publication of two new documents that record the cultural life of St. Lucia.

“Creole Heritage Month and Jounen Kwéyòl” and a 2016 Cultural Calendar featuring cultural icons were both launched at the FRC Annual general meeting on Saturday October 3rd at the FRC Headquarters.

In 1983, the celebration of Jounen Kwéyòl began. It was a logical outcome of the work of the FRC which led the planning and organization of the event from the beginning. In the years following it has grown into one of the major national festivities. The day is usually scheduled for the last Sunday of October. October 28th is International Creole Day and St. Lucia’s celebration is our contribution to the world-wide recognition of Creole heritage.

In 1995, the Creole Heritage Month was organized, which climaxes with Jounen Kwéyòl. A number of activities became a regular feature of the month including La Wenn Kwéyòl, Walaba competitions, Jennes Kwéyòl and the Music, story-telling and Kwéyòl poetry fiesta organized with the Alliance Francaise.

The production of this book on the popular Jounen Kwéyòl and the broader Creole Heritage Month is timely. It has been planned for some time. This FRC publication will be a valuable gift to the people of St. Lucia. It will also be a souvenir and a historical item, of interest to St. Lucians at home and abroad, as well as to visitors. Students will find it a rich source of information in their research assignments.

This book is a colour pictorial collection with narrative and notes by those who have been involved from the beginning with the organization of Jounen Kwéyòl. The many photographs are sourced from the FRC archives.

Among the contributions are an article on the first years of Jounen Kwéyòl by former Executive Director Embert Charles; articles on Creole food, technology and language by Hilary La Force, present Acting Executive Director; pieces on Woulélaba, the venues of Jounen Kwéyòl from 1984, La Wenn and Jennes Kwéyòl etc.

The Cultural Calendar has been edited by George ‘Fish’ Alphonse, and is sure to be a popular item with St. Lucians at home and abroad. It is titled Saint Lucia Cultural Icons 2016 Calendar .

The calendar highlights St. Lucian folk and cultural icons who have contributed to the preservation and development of various forms of St. Lucia’s cultural heritage. Twelve cultural icons are featured, one for each month of the year. A short biography accompanies a photograph of each icon. Among icons featured are Dame Sesenne Descartes, Florita Marquis, Florita Granger, Eliza Maxwell, Jones Mondesir, Eric Adley and the late Frank Norville, among others.

The calendar is bilingual in its entirety with the days and the months being written side by side in English and in Kwéyòl. The calendar is a full colour 8.5 X 11 glossy document.

Translations into Kwéyòl have been prepared by Hilary La Force.

In July the FRC published its latest edition of Lucian Kaiso, edited by Kennedy ‘Boots’ Samuel. Among FRC publications, the Kwéyòl Dictionary, first published in 2001, remains a perennial best seller. Copies of all are available at the FRC Headquarters, Mount Pleasant.

All publications are on sale at the FRC headquarters, Mount Pleasant.

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