SLTU President warns of serious conflict ahead over same-sex marriage

SLTU President warns of serious conflict ahead over same-sex marriage

The President of the Saint Lucia Teachers Union, (SLTU), Julian Monrose, has warned that there will be serious conflict ahead for teachers over the issue of same-sex marriage.

“Just now we may be asked to teach that the family can be made up of a man, the father, a man the mother, and children,” Monrose told an ecumenical service yesterday at the Piaye Secondary school to mark the opening of Teachers’ Week.

The SLTU President disclosed that just on Friday he was indicating to some teachers that the profession would have a battle over what is taught in the classroom, because what is happening in other countries will soon be here.

He told the audience, which included Education Minister, Doctor Robert Lewis, that teachers who believe in a particular message may soon be asked to teach what they do not believe.

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He also pointed to the need for a powerful teachers union that can fight with teachers, who must be in a position to determine what goes into the school curriculum.

“We will have that kind of battle to fight sooner or later and that is why we must empower ourselves. We must have a strong union and we must be ready to stand with union so when we speak we speak with one voice,” the SLTU President declared.

He said in all things, God must be trusted, and in all things teachers must stand on what the Creator expects of them.

“It is important that we help our teachers to stand upon solid rock, which is our God,” Monrose asserted.

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