Religious Institute for Biblical Training to be Established

Religious Institute for Biblical Training to be Established

A religious institute called Scripture Research Yeshiva is being established here. The aim of this Institute is to render biblical training to participants. Participants will examine the  historical , linguistic and cultural setting of the sacred text.  Registration is free and available to persons with a keen interest in biblical study.

The theme of these courses is Restoration Yisrael for the scripture declare that believers are grafted in as Israelites as the Father has made an everlasting covenant with them to become a nation of kings and priests.

Some of the topics to be examined are:

The process to salvation, to whom was the covenant given, who are the wild olive trees, where are the lost sheep, more than ten commandments, the written law verses the oral traditions, law and grace interconnected , heaven’s calendar, the annual gatherings, Sabbath or Sunday, unclean foods, religious art, symbols and icons…

The Institute hold to these doctrinal practices as validated by scripture – we congregate on the seventh day Sabbath, observe the dietary law and annual gatherings at Passover, Unleaven Bread, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement, Tabernacles, Last Great Day , and Jubilees.

The Institute  hold to these doctrinal beliefs as set by scripture:

The Father declared His covenant name YHWH to Israel at Sinai, His Son came as Yahushua to indicate His redemptive mission, the Son shall return as King by the name Yahutsadak, the Holy Spirit is the Mind of the Father  which  believers receive at baptism, the ten commandments are a summary of the Laws which shall become universal during the millennium, the laws relating to the sacrificial system ended at calvary. Contact 725 2326 …shalom

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