Castries South East says Police strike would create chaos

Castries South East says Police strike would create chaos

Castries South East MP, Guy Joseph, last evening raised the issue of a Police strike as he addressed supporters of the opposition United Workers Party,(UWP), at Marc.

Joseph said: “The Police are part of the essential services in Saint Lucia so can you imagine what would happen if the Police were to down their tools and to say we feel threatened by our own government ?”

The former Communications and Works Minister spoke against the backdrop of this week’s news conference summoned by the Police Welfare Association,(PWA), in which the association highlighted several of its concerns about the way the government has been dealing with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, (RSLPF).

“The government is fighting the Police Force,” Joseph declared.

He warned that Saint Lucia was in crisis, a situation which the Island cannot afford.

Nevertheless Joseph applauded members of the RSLPF whom he said had endured the humiliation brought upon them by Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, and his ruling Labour Party, while still standing to defend the people of Saint Lucia.

“If the police were to lay down their tools tomorrow morning this country would be in chaos,” the Castries South East MP warned.

He assured Police Officers that the United Workers Party would abide by the laws that govern Saint Lucia and the RSLPF.

According to Joseph, the government should not interfere with the running of the Police Force.

He asserted that according to the constitution of Saint Lucia, the Police Commissioner is answerable to the Governor General and not to the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.

Commissioner, Vernon Francois, requested early retirement after the government advised him of its intention to retire him in the public interest.

Francois headed the Police Force at a time when several fatal shootings of criminal suspects occurred, raising concerns that the Police were carrying out extra judicial killings and has a so-called “hit list.”

At this week’s PWA news conference, the President of the organization, Camron Laure, disclosed that based on the PWA’s own investigations there was no “death list” or “black list” as claimed in a report based on an investigation carried out here by members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).

Excerpts of the damning report by the JCF officials were read in an address to the nation by Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony on March 8, 2015.

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