Micoud North MP wants health and safety issues at Micoud Primary addressed

Micoud North MP wants health and safety issues at Micoud Primary addressed

Teachers and students of the Micoud Primary School are becoming increasingly frustrated as ailing school furniture prove to be a hazard to their health and safety.
Teachers and parents of students attending the Micoud Primary School have complained bitterly about the termite infested furniture that has been the source of much discomfort to both students and teachers.

After nearly a year of exchanges with Ministry of Education officials, promises of new
furniture have failed to materialise.
Prior to the closing of school in July of this year, the teaching staff was assured that the old furniture
would be replaced at the start of the new academic year, in September.

To date no new school furniture has arrived. The concerns of parents, teachers and students have been compounded by the fact that the dilapidated furniture, further to being termite infested is literally falling apart with nails being exposed presenting a further risk to the safety of the students.

Protruding nails and splinters have already caused damage to new school uniforms of both the students and teachers, causing additional anguish especially to parents, given the tough economic situation in the country.

Teachers and parents have exercised considerable patience and understanding but can no longer put
up with the situation. The teachers have also asked that cupboards be built in the classrooms to
facilitate the storage of their teaching aids. They are being forced to store their critical teaching aids in the janitors’ cupboards which have in recent times become infested with insects and termites,
rendering the teaching aids unsuitable for use.

MP for Micoud North, Dr. Gale Rigobert is calling upon the Ministries of Infrastructure and
Education to address the matter to ease the discomfort felt by teachers and students and more
importantly to avert any impending harm that could come to students because of the severely compromised furniture.

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