Courageous Teens Recovering After Micoud Fire

Courageous Teens Recovering After Micoud Fire

From our archive on June 3, 2015: Teenagers Kudisha and Kerwin Francis are being hailed for their courage after braving heat and smoke to search for their younger sister, Rebecca,  during this week’s devastating fire in Micoud that consumed four buildings and left eleven members of an extended family homeless.

Kudisha, 18, and Kerwin, 16, mistakenly thought that Rebecca, who had escaped through a window, was still in the burning building.

Kudisha explained that she, her Stepfather, her Mother and  Kerwin were in a “safe room” when the fire broke out, but realized that Rebecca, who had been in another room, was not with them.

“My brother tried to get her but smoke started to affect him and he got burnt on his face as soon as he opened the door,” she recalled.

Kudisha told the Times that Kerwin, who suffers from asthma, ran back into the “safe room” gasping for air.

She said by that time, the others were already outside so she decided to try to get her younger sister but revealed that as soon as she got to the room in which Rebecca was thought to be, curtains that were already alight burnt the right side of her body, her face, her right arm and her leg.

“My brother was down still trying to breathe,” Kudisha recalled.

She said at that point, they heard the Mother say that Rebecca had exited the building through a window and she and Kerwin left the dwelling house.

“I couldn’t bear the thought of my little sister getting burnt,” Kudisha told the Times.

Alphonsus Joseph, known as “Garry”, his girlfriend, Sherrol Francis, and three children, and Kudisha, Kerwin and  Rebecca Francis, were all made homeless as a result of this week’s fire.

Kudisha told the Times she and her brother are both recovering from their burns.

Rebecca, she disclosed, sustained a burn on the hand.

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