Mary Francis says DPP lukewarm on IMPACS report

Mary Francis says DPP lukewarm on IMPACS report

Attorney at Law, Mary Francis, has told the Times that the Director of Public Prosecutions, Victoria Charles-Clarke, is showing “lukewarmness”, while Saint Lucia hemorrages from the fallout of the IMPACS investigation into alleged extra judicial killings by members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

“ I have been quiet for the past few weeks watching and waiting and hoping that something would be done in the DPP reporting on the progress or the lack of progress, and because of this situation there’s so much talk and assertions are being made. A political football is being made of the whole process and to my mind the integrity of the inquiry is being undermined,” Francis told the Times.

The outspoken Human Rights Activist acknowledged that the DPP is “clothed with independence”, but observed that the constitution guarantees the fundamental rights of citizens, including those killed by the Police.

“This is a serious situation and I am not satisfied with the posture of the DPP. Regardless of the independence which she enjoys, she had the duty and is accountable as a public servant to make a statement on this situation to allay the fears and assertions and speculation that are destabilizing the police force,” Francis declared.

Noting that the Prime Minister, in an address to the nation on March 8, 2015, had indicated that he had given the report of the IMPACS investigation to the DPP for review and to determine what action was necessary, Francis said if the DPP was encountering difficulty she had a duty to say so so that the matter could be put to rest.

The Attorney at Law said she did not feel that by requesting information from the DPP, it constituted interference with the independence of her office.

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