Allen Chastanet’s Machiavellian spectacle – the agony of the UWP

Dear Sir:

At my age I don’t sweat the wits to find cleverness in the aristocrat Allen Chastanet’s United Workers Party (UWP). His double degree in nothingness is comedy to UWP illiterate delegates selecting the AGON-E team Allen Chastanet, Guy Joseph, Oswald Augustin, Nancy Charles and Ezechiel Joseph to occupy the highest echelon of the party. 

So the responsibility for good sense is never present in the AGON-E executive and illiterate delegates running wild like kids in a candy store. His cohorts fell victim to his political immaturity to copy Niccolò Machiavelli’s use of ruthless beliefs, cunning, scheming and unscrupulous political theory! 

AGON-E’s view is too marginalized and kept out seasoned members and diehard UWP politicians. Passions vociferously embraced by the chief divider, the aristocrat Allen Chastanet. His corrupt and manipulative friends bootleg colonial mendicants to feed illiterate delegates and other supporters with half-truths and loads of lies. 

Similarly, a publicity stunt destroyed the Soufriere Bridge two days before the general elections. The aristocrat Allen Chastanet lost to Harold Dalsan aka Mugabe. In the same vein UWP lost the general elections. Now we know the A in AGON-E was gamed out all the way to Micoud South, oddly claiming he can win in a by-election before year end. 

The aristocrat Allen Chastanet’s hasty departure to vacation in Bram-Bram neighborhood left behind a sorry mess in Soufriere. Supporters are not privy to the issues but the A in AGON-E’s shallowness outdid his errors. He bungled questions. He was unable to stick to strong answers. 

Philippine’s forensic auditors on island will never know how far he was willing to explore his true colour of ignorance. Believing it was his right to buy and sell Soufriere as if it was his inheritance. A test of his grim limits similarly in and out of parliament! I feel certain his best faux pas are still to come, though he makes several gems every time he opens his mouth to keep alive Kenny and Tony’s best chance of winning the general elections.

Elders of the party voicing disgust in the public domain are nothing new. Former chairman Clem Bobb took to the airwaves and denigrated former Prime Minister Stephenson King in the worst way possible, and there was no outcry, Lionel Ellis. 

Leonard ‘Spider’ Montoute timidity bit his tongue several times before he confessed on national television. Mary Polius chose to be determined against the ills that stand in the way of UWP. Ellis is mad as hell his bread is on the line. The aristocrat Allen Chastanet dismisses Stephenson King on every opportunity using the phrase “rubbish”; Ellis sees nothing wrong wid dat! 

The pseudonym Theo Jean, a legal fixer in the “Allen Chastanet Royal Club” wrote a comment on my last letter. “What a load of rubbish. Easy to write when hiding behind a pseudonym eh! Face the music you coward.” How interesting. Hmmm, it will be a pleasure to give the one finger salute at Hewanorra House. 

Now we know the biggest cocktail of ignorance to UWP agony is the aristocrat Allen Chastanet’s colonial spectacle of ignorance, which does not lend itself to allow executive members to speak against his Machiavellian beliefs. In modern psychology, Machiavellianism is one of the dark triad personalities, characterized by a duplicitous interpersonal style, a cynical disregard for morality and a focus on self-interest and personal gain. 

All the above underscore the aristocrat Allen Chastanet’s double degree qualities to jerk his way around as being corrupt and manipulative. This is coming to an end. The Guy ‘Poodle’ Joseph keeps on barking that the UWP is not divided using the two sides of his mouth – inside and outside – telling supporters to fall in line before November 15. Good luck wid dat! 

UWP is in the political graveyard made possible by the aristocrat Allen Chastanet’s wretched theories of destruction. There is only one way out. His resignation will go a long way to heal the deep wounds and revive hardcore members to show up for combat at the polls. 

The Spider’s web has placed wood in the fire. Mary Polius poured the fuel. Join the liberation group to remove Allen Chastanet, Guy Joseph, Oswald Augustin, Nancy Charles and Ezechiel Joseph, the proven agony of UWP.

I will take the damaged anchor Timothy Poleon’s advice and lend a hand. I will wear my polo shirt #AllenChastanetMustGo.

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