Victoria Hospital denies turning away patients

Victoria Hospital denies turning away patients

Victoria Hospital has dismissed as “completely false”, assertions made in an opinion piece in the Times, that the institution is turning away patients who have failed to make a deposit or clear their existing medical bill.

“Our business is health care, and this is one institution that will never turn you down whether you have money or not,” the Hospital’s Executive Director, Jeanette Hughes, told the Times in an interview.

She disclosed that once members of the public approach the health care institution for care, Victoria Hospital will deliver.

Hughes said that some persons who are unemployed have at times even been granted temporary employment at VH when there is a need, in order to obtain funds to pay their bills.

She also indicated that the Hospital has made other arrangements with patients to clear their outstanding bills.

In addition, she told the Times that the Hospital even has a Business Office where patients are given advice on how they can meet their financial obligations.

“We work with our patients,” Hughes declared, adding that there was absolutely no way that Victoria Hospital would turn away anyone.

“I don’t understand why someone would say that,” she said.

According to the Executive Director of the health care institution, some people who cannot pay have a medical exemption card, and are given quality care regardless.

She declared that she was not sure whether anyone may have had the experience of being turned away, but said if they did, they should contact her at or at telephone number 456-8201.

However Hughes made it clear that it was not the policy of Victoria Hospital to turn people away.


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