Victoria Hospital says No One is Denied Care due to Inability to Pay

Victoria Hospital says No One is Denied Care due to Inability to Pay

The Victoria Hospital has responded to reports emanating on both social and main stream media which claim that clients of the hospital are denied care due to their inability to pay.

Executive Director of the Victoria Hospital (VH), Jeanette Hughes has categorically denied such claims and highlighted the expressed policy of the hospital. “Victoria Hospital has two main policies. One to deliver quality care to everyone who comes requesting the care, so therefore we don’t turn down everyone and two to give that care with or without the ability to pay. So we never turn down anybody at Victoria Hospital regardless of their ability to pay.”  Hughes point out.
She stated that persons who access care at VH are normally asked to present their medial exemption card or insurance form or they are asked to pay out of pocket. “It means therefore that someone who is not able to pay and that person is exempted by the state, that person would be given care and would not have to pay or be asked to pay anything because that person would be exempted.
Persons who have their medical insurance would be required to present their insurance documents. However, there may be persons who do not have medical insurance and may be required to pay out of pocket.” Hughes stated.
The Executive Director added that the policy at the hospital has not changed. A business office has recently been establish to work with persons and to provide financial counselling on how they can settle their medical expenses.
“We have had instances where persons have brought in their goods for sale and we would buy their produce to offset their bills. We have had instances where persons are unemployed and we have a need for temporary employment and we would actually employ persons on a temporary basis and they would contribute towards their bill.  So Victoria Hospital is definitely about giving service and to work with the clients we serve. And I will categorically deny this, we do not turn away anyone at Victoria Hospital because they are unable to pay.” Hughes reiterated.
She indicated that if anyone has encountered a situation where they have been denied care for whatever reason they can contact her personally at (758) 456-8201 or send an email to to share their personal experience. “In Addition persons can actually walk to my office and make an appointment to see me, my secretary is there and I can see that person to have a discussion.”
The Executive Director has also made appealing to clients who feel aggrieved by some action or lack there off at Victoria Hospital to first dialogue with hospital administration to find a solution to their situation.

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