De Revue announces finalists

De Revue announces finalists

De Soca– Lypso Revue announces its finalists for the Annou danse, mange 2015 Kweyol Song Competition. The competition forms part of the activities to mark October as Kweyol Heritage Month and is the only activity of its kind. The show will be held at the National Cultural Centre on October 31, 2015 from 8 p.m.

Kweyol Finalists 2015

1) Allyne Collymore “Aly-Kyatt” Lamoun Nous:

2) Christopher Duncan “Der Zol” An Ti Pikan:

3) Cecil Francis “Shepard” Apwésyé :

4) Rosemond Clery “De Sanator” Say Jounen Kweyol:

5) Stephen Edmond “Esteban” Tambou.

6) Marley James “Mongstre” Lanmou

7) Selwyna Charles “Sistren”. L’amour:

8) Agnes Chester “Black Pearl” Andjeley.

9) Devin Alexander “Mighty” Caco.

10) Aagee Sinpson “Aagee” Chanté Dancé.

11) Julius Peter “Gozilay” Weflechi

12) Gregory Sinaise “Sinaise”. Pou Gue Sa.

13) Sabino Francis “Prosper” Say Nous Mami:

14) Constance Francis “Ras Africa”. Nous Wivé.

15) Lambert Sumer-James “Askia”. Pa a I Valè Encore.

16) Certine Hunte Soca “Bandit” Decambwele”

Gregory Sinaise is last year’s winner and the defending monarch .

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