SLBS Director says bureau tests every single imported used tyre

SLBS Director says bureau tests every single imported used tyre

The Director of the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards, Doctor Mkabi Walcott, has given the assurance that the bureau’s Inspectors test every single used tyre that is imported into Saint Lucia, out of concern for the safety of citizens.

“Saint Lucia now imports a lot more used tyres than new ones so our consumers are really using more used tyres so safety is always a concern,” Walcott told the Times.

According to the SLBS Director, if an Importer has a twenty foot container of used tyres, bureau Inspectors inspect every single one to ensure compliance, and destroy those that do not.

Walcott spoke as Saint Lucia joined the rest of the world today in observing World Standards Day under the theme : Standards – the World’s Common Language.

She noted that the adoption and enforcement of standards had transformed the retail sector, since some items that were once available are no longer on sale.

Walcott told the Times that the SLBS had adopted international standards for consumer health and safety, including standards of electrical safety for household appliances.


Nevertheless she made it clear that the SLBS is not the only agency dealing with safety and quality issues, and as such the body has to work with other regulatory organizations.


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    first of all what is tyre if you don’t even know what it is that is being imported what is TYRE?

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