Allen Chastanet’s colonial yoke cooked a Jack Spaniard‏

Dear Sir:

Oh no! Who raise the Jack Spaniard [herein referred to as Jack-ass Spaniard] to make him take shots at me, Tori Fatal? Well, well, I am not in the compassion business when an infidel scribbles fantasy in hopes of salvaging the aristocrat Allen Chastanet of known colonial crossbreed.

Well, as you know I am of age to know of conspiracies like these by the Castries mulattoes to plant Jack-ass Spaniard meaningful of PA1 of the 1979 era, to pander to the establishment. 

This time around the bluff is an open secret, the aristocrat Allen Chastanet. But I hope Jack-ass Spaniard doesn’t have to depend on the crumbs from the Castries mulatto’s table to survive writing weekly ghost letters till his last hooray! My trouble is why Jack-ass Spaniard in his sunset chose to poke me? His advisors can help him buy a pregnant donkey but I am sure they will not help him feed the mother and the colt in this guava season.

Much as I would love to do otherwise, I have the ability to speak my mind loudly, make my bread in the hot sun and do so openly exposing my own skin in the game. But since Jack-ass Spaniard chose the Spider’s web to sting from behind, in the dark, in a ghost form, just remember, ‘I am not gay’. As you should know, Tori Fatal is a woman’s adoration. And defends against the enemy any time in open combat! 

You see, what s killing you folks is what seemed bright and shiny to the hungry and thirsty 300 delegates bought on the cheap and propped up by a once Dream Team, is now nothing but a corroded bunch of corrupt stoogies, wobbling in AGONE on the inside. 

To which I say, the aristocrat Allen Chastanet and his UWP, herein referred to as the Destructive Workers Party (DWP), is fake and substandard at that. The only thing real about these folks/DWP is counterfeit measures, gerrymandering runoffs, the art of copying pedigree certificates, impersonating Niccolò Machiavelli’s beliefs and Mitt Romney’s Mormonism, all of which are failed theories to complement the aristocrat Allen Chastanet bankrupt business deals, siphoned taxpayers’ money, Taiwanese funds and questionable employment history. 

I am reminded fakes breed fraud and fraudsters breed supporters like rats, until a little power is scattered around the corner. The rest is visit to Crick or Rambally! Today that reality is a sucker’s errand we got to see firsthand in cabinet and the instability that has filtered down into caustic politics and shallow media. And the politics of junk characters is overwhelming an illiterate voting mass as a whole. Resulting in the theory: when you are lied to and don’t respond, you are encouraging a lie. 

Ironically this has come to represent the lame public service classified as the fibre of Saint Lucian society and the best brains in town. Kenny and Tony called them out as corrupt and not one of them has the balls to respond. Are they encouraging a lie?

And so folks, I come to the Jack-ass Spaniard, who is trying to punch above his weight class. Jumping like a frog from one corner to the next to distract the blind and illiterate.

Well as you know, Kenny and Tony know what I know, that others don’t know, etc, etc, and so Jack-ass Spaniard’s tactics will not escape the strategist in my training and background we both shared back in the 70s and 80s.

In your ghost performance, Jack-ass Spaniard, you say Sir John died thinking of Montoute ‘Spider’ as a second rate politician and he was right as usual because a woman beat him at the last election.

Honestly, I will take a walloping from a woman any day. What the heck! If Emma can hold the PM post! Why not? Jack-ass Spaniard won’t know how to handle that situation since he has passed the stage to stand up. 

What I will not do is beat on a woman, Dr Gail Rigobert, the leader of the opposition, “LOO, tom-girl” as is happening now to remove her as district representative and replace her with Thomas Roserie and then make room for the aristocrat Allen Chastanet, God forbid he wins in a by-election to become the leader of the opposition. 

Well good luck wid dat! I have a toilet seat waiting and a job for the septic tank cleaner in Desruisseaux! 

Jack-ass Spaniard mentioned Mary Polius, Claudius Preville and Petra Nelson as nobodies with a bitter taste in his mouth, but I know they will sweeten theirs on him in time. 

He refers to Ausbert as of superior intellect. I will disclose next time the promises make to him and others (if God forbid the aristocrat Allen Chastanet wins an election), at a not to secret lodge meeting – operation exorcist. Stay tuned, film at 11!

Jack-ass Spaniard refers to Steve, not Stephenson King, and the paupers who seek to lead the DWP but he failed to say who saved you from starvation, bankruptcy and embarrassment yet sold out Steve for 30 pieces of silver. God does not sleep, Jack-ass Spaniard, Karma is a bitch!

He mentioned Tuxedo Villa just enough to tickle my mind on what Mondesir and the aristocrat Allen Chastanet have in common. No one can call me ‘dishonest’, ‘a fraud’ ‘unreasonably’ or ‘irrationally’ but I can refer to the Court of Appeal – HCVAP 2009/031 – 2010; March 22+23; June 14 (HCVAP 2009/031)

The Tuxedo Villas affair:
“The allegation of bad faith carries with it… allegations of dishonesty and improper use of the powers granted by the legislation. It suggests that the entire Cabinet… were involved in a cover up to protect one of their members. It is a very serious allegation… bad faith means dishonesty: ‘It always involves a grave charge. It must not be treated as a synonym for an honest, though mistaken, taking into consideration of a factor which is in law irrelevant.’… It covers fraud and corruption.”

Jack-ass Spaniard has the guts to say the aristocrat Allen Chastanet has money… Well, well, well, that’s the best fraud story in town; there is no sign of it. He even ventured to say his wife has money, his father has money, his father -in-law has money, his business contacts have money. Well none of that worked in the aristocrat Allen Chastanet’s favour in Soufriere, did it? He got a trashing from Harold Dalsan aka Mugabe.

Jack-ass Spaniard says the aristocrat Allen Chastanet has connections both here and abroad. Hah hah… this is a load of rubbish no garbage truck can carry. This statement is political dishonest and a fraud. That’s all I will say for now!

What you do not know, Jack-ass Spaniard, is the aristocrat Allen Chastanet will never make a return on the five million he spent in Soufriere and the stalled payments to buy the Micoud South seat. So far all those who spent money on him are embarrassed. Nothing to show for it but shame and discord, disappointment and rejection. A laughing stock overseas!

At several family meetings the chorus is get out of politics, our business and finances are in jeopardy. The Chastanets’ and Du Boulays’ real estate business is struggling, so much so that Kenny and Tony are their best friends, courting each other on the citizenship by investment and the sale of Saint Lucian passports. The Monaco film soon come!

Jack-ass Spaniard mentions that the aristocrat Allen Chastanet is a man of sterner stuff than those racists and will overwhelm them at the same convention they demanded. To spew that racial and poisoned arrow is most adept based on a review of a cabinet water boy, a fascist, dogmatist who puts his interest and that of family business first. 

Don’t blame me. You open that door, I will knock! He does not believe in what he says; speaks faster than his brain can process and tells lies to cover a lie? Who can be jealous of this competence and ability? Now we know why the half-baked Castries mulatto, aristocrat Allen Chastanet was comfortable being the water boy at cabinet meetings, snooping in and around Stephenson King. All the while his father was in the bosom of the SLP. According to King, the supermarket gurus took advantage of the poor! So when the old lady’s prayers mix with Karma come to pass don’t call me goat mouth!

Yep, so go ahead, the aristocrat Allen Chastanet can use the proceeds of the poor and blood money to buy 300 illiterate delegates to win the convention. But the big picture – the so-called by-election and the general elections – is the main event. That he cannot win. I have skin in the game and big fish to fry. So I don’t sweat the small stuff!

So before you mention I and I, Tori Fatal, in your fantasy letters to the editor of the Voice, just remember I take no prisoners. I will never follow any Court of Appeal liar, fraudster, demonic odd-fellow, colonial slave master, clown and ghost in sleazy and sneaky behaviours. I am my own man, a self-made man. I don’t fall in line!

Jack-ass Spaniard, change you ways before the final hour with your creator. Stand up as best you can and be a man. If Emma will never hold your post! Stop being a donkey to the aristocrat Allen Chastanet’s ‘rotten borough’.

Jack-ass Spaniard, for God and country be a man and take the damaged anchor Timothy Poleon’s advice and lend a hand. I will wear my polo shirt ‪#‎AllenChastanetMustGo!

Until next time, for you elucidation, Jack-ass Spaniard, save whatever resource you may have. Tori Fatal bites harder than the best known pit bull in town!

Tori Fatal

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