Dead fish in river forces shutdown of Micoud water supply

Dead fish in river forces shutdown of Micoud water supply

The Water & Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO) wishes to inform the residents of Micoud and environs that their supply of water has been shut-down due to having found dead fresh water fish and crayfish in the river source within their watershed.

WASCO has since informed the Water Resource Management Agency (WRMA) and the Environmental Health Branch (EHB) of the Ministry of Health of its findings, for their immediate investigation.

WASCO is itself conducting detailed water tests to determine the contaminants which may have led to the death of the fish and crayfish.

A further advisory will be issued shortly following the results of the tests being carried out to determine the necessary actions to be taken with respect to the water supply.

However, WASCO takes the opportunity to advice the public that the use of poisonous substances to harvest fish and crayfish for sale is a very dangerous practice which compromises the supply of water and the lives of people, and should be stopped.

If anyone has information relating to such practices, they are asked to report it to the Police, the Water Resource Management Agency, the Environmental Health Branch or WASCO.

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