Pollution of Water Courses – Jounen Kwéyòl Celebrations

Pollution of Water Courses – Jounen Kwéyòl Celebrations

The Water Resource Management Agency (WRMA) of the Ministry of Sustainable Development Energy, Science and Technology under the Water and Sewerage Act is mandated to, amongst other things, advise on the conservation and use of water resources and promote public awareness concerning the use and management of water resources. The Agency regularly monitors the rivers of the island as part of its overall water resources assessment and planning efforts. Over the past few months the island has been receiving below normal rainfall as a result of a strengthening “el nino” which is causing a general decrease in river flow-rates in our major watersheds placing a strain on the supply of potable water by WASCO in some communities. This calls for the adoption of water conservation measures by all to ensure that this limited resource is used prudently and sustainably.

The Agency has observed a trend associated with the annually celebrated “Jounen Kweyol” festival whereby persons engage in harmful practices associated with acquiring traditional food sources from rivers. The WRMA hereby advises the public to desist from using chemicals and other poisonous substances within water-courses for harvesting fish and crayfish. This action not only compromises river biodiversity but also water quality for potable uses which can negatively affect human health.

Under current conditions of below-average rainfall and decreasing water supplies, the addition of harmful substances to our water-courses further decreases the quantity of water available for use by households, agriculture and industry. WRMA requests your cooperation in conserving water and reducing pollution to our rivers.

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