Micoud North MP concerned about constituency’s water problems

Micoud North MP concerned about constituency’s water problems

MP for Micoud North, Doctor Gale Rigobert, continues to raise concerns about what she describes as the rationing of water to neighbourhoods within her constituency.

“Patience, La Pointe and Mon Repos have been adversely affected by severe water shortages over the last three and a half to four weeks,” Rigobert told the Times, adding that to date there has been no comprehensive plan by WASCO to rectify the situation  and provide relief.

She observed that while the water utility in the past few weeks  has installed one or two tanks, they are “grossly insufficient” to meet the demands of the affected neighbourhoods.

Rigobert has asked WASCO whether it is possible to erect more tanks and replenish those that were erected some weeks ago

The MP has called on WASCO to advise of the gravity of the problem and in the meantime, bring relief to affected residents who have had to endure severe water shortages over the last month.

Rigobert has expressed her thanks to residents for their patience, and has urged them to be very economical in the use of whatever water they are able to farm for themselves.

She recalled that last week WASCO was forced to shut down the water supply in the Micoud area because of contamination, restoring services on Sunday evening.

However Rigobert disclosed that areas such as Mon Repos, Patience and La Pointe still remain without pipe borne water.

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  1. Thomas
    October 28, 2015 at 8:42 pm Reply

    How long will these problems go on.every year is the excuses from wasco. We pay for a product we don’t get. If wasco can’t deliver the service,We should not be paying for air and then buy water from the supermarket.

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