UWP Message of Congratulations to Honourable Justin Trudeau

UWP Message of Congratulations to Honourable Justin Trudeau

On behalf of the Leader of the Opposition and the United Workers Party of Saint Lucia, I take this opportunity to extend our compliments and good wishes on the occasion of your assumption of the office of Prime Minister of Canada, following your decisive victory at the general elections held yesterday, October 19, 2015.  The people of Canada have spoken overwhelmingly in favour of your party and endorsed your leadership. It signifies their faith in the policies outlined during your campaign which place emphasis on building a better country for all.

We in Saint Lucia followed your campaign very closely and were highly impressed by your message of inclusiveness, the positive energy and the conviction that it is possible to shape a better world for the benefit of all. You extolled the virtues of hard work and brought hope to the people of Canada. Saint Lucia has had a very close relationship with Canada over many decades. We have many things in common some of which emanate from a shared history, and perhaps this provides the rationale for our common understanding on so many issues.

The government of Canada, particularly under the leadership of your esteemed father, the late Pierre Elliott Trudeau, and with our late former Prime Minister Sir John George Melvin Compton has had a profound and long lasting impact on the development of Saint Lucia. To list all the important economic and social programs which Canada has funded in our country would fill many pages. These cover areas such as education (construction of schools and provision of scholarships), water supply, fisheries development, the environment (forestry), health, infrastructure (including road construction), capacity building, economic management, agriculture and many others. We thank Canada most sincerely for its contribution to our development and we look forward to deepening our relations under your leadership and when our party assumes the mantle of government in Saint Lucia once again.

Prime Minister, we wish you the very best and take this opportunity to convey to you our highest consideration and esteem.                                                                                                              

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