Mary Francis cites political expediency in PM’s meetings with Police on IMPACS report

Mary Francis cites political expediency in PM’s meetings with Police on IMPACS report

Human Rights Activist, Mary Francis, has said that Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony’s meetings with members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, (RSLPF), to discuss matters relating to the IMPACS report, seems to be political expediency at work.

Francis told the Times that it appeared that the meetings, taking place today with officers in the South of the Island and tomorrow with lawmen in the North, are occurring as a result of expressions made by the President of the Police Welfare Association, Camron Laure.

At a news conference recently Laure had, among other things, refuted allegations made in the IMPACS report that there was a Police “death list” or “hit list”, saying that there was no such thing.

“ It should never have taken so long for the Prime Minister to actually sit with the police and let them know exactly the government’s position and inform them in more detail about the IMPACS report, because there is too mush misinformation which has been refuted by the President of the Welfare Association,” Mary Francis, who is also an Attorney at Law told the Times.

She suggested that Prime Minister Anthony had decided to engage the Police because of the possible consequences that might result from not doing so.

Francis accused the Prime Minister of showing disregard in his actions, noting that she herself had written to him since May this year seeking an appointment and aid that the letter was not even acknowledged.

“I don’t understand the posture of the Prime Minister with regard to this thing,” she asserted, adding that while in opposition, the current ruling Labour Party turned a blind eye to the police slayings that were the subject of the IMPACS investigation and subsequent report.

“ I heard no statement from this Prime Minister who was then in opposition. So it really caught him by surprise that the Americans intervened, but the silence and politicking still continue. The country knows nothing,” Francis declared.


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