Human Rights Activist supports protest march

Human Rights Activist supports protest march

Asserting that she has never seen such a level of economic deprivation in the country, Human Rights Activist, Mary Francis, has thrown her support behind a planned protest march this afternoon, organized by the opposition United Workers Party, UWP.

“Some of the policies which the government has been carrying out are not to the benefit of the people, and every Saint Lucian who is feeling the squeeze should turn out to show the government that they are not satisfied with the direction in which the country is heading,” Francis told the Times.

The Attorney at Law noted that some people are of the view that protest marches do not achieve anything, but she said she disagrees.

“A protest march can help to demonstrate  that people are fed up with the government and can also test the level of discontent in the country, and indeed there is a lot of discontent as you can hear from the radio call in programmes,” Francis observed.



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