Labour party denies being in cahoots with Sarah Flood Beaubrun

Labour party denies being in cahoots with Sarah Flood Beaubrun

The Saint Lucia Party says that Guy Joseph’s attempts at deflecting responsibility for the internal squabbles of the UWP, from disgruntled factions of his party to the Labour Party, are both amusing and ridiculous.

Guy Joseph was heard on HTS evening news on Wednesday 21 October, speaking at a meeting in Micoud, suggesting that Sarah Flood Beaubrun’s nomination to contest the leadership of the UWP was as a result of a meeting held with the Labour where the plan was hatched.

The SLP challenges Guy Joseph to say who were the people at that meeting? Where was it held and when was it held?

It is well known to most Saint Lucians that Sarah Flood Beaubrun is no friend of the Labour Party.

Guy Joseph knows that, and so too his Political Leader Allen Chastanet. In addition, they are fully aware that SLP does not need to lend to the destructive behavior of Guy Joseph and Allen Chastanet. Together, they have singlehandedly destroyed the United Workers Party.

The SLP says further that the infighting and disharmony in the UWP which destabilized the country between 2006 and 2011, continues today to play out in full view of the Saint Lucian electorate and will be the cause of the destruction of our country if the duo of Guy Joseph and Allen Chastanet is given the opportunity to govern this country.







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  1. Joe
    October 22, 2015 at 3:39 pm Reply

    Unfortunately for the people of St Lucia this is so true.
    The clueless SLP is given an opportunity to confirm what the people of St Lucia know which is that there is no way that Sarah Flood Beaubrun would have colluded with them.
    Guy Joseph says this because this is the kind of underhand thing that would come naturally to him.
    Now with his vicious divisive attacks on a strong St Lucian woman he has given an ineffective SLP governmemt the opportunity to highlight the UWPs internal divisions and the role of the lost Chastanet and Guy Joseph in government from 2008 to 2011.
    When we contrast Sarah with her world class work at the A&E Dept to save St Lucian lives, her success with the mother to child HIV program compared to the 10’s of millions lost by Chastaney in Tourism on the black bay lands, the boxing in Paradise(not!) , the Hepple squandering and the talk and travel – we can only marvel that the UWP delegates should even think about voting for Chastanet.

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