Protesters gather for opposition organized march

Protesters gather for opposition organized march

Protesters began gathering this afternoon for an opposition organized march designed to demonstrate disgust with the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), and its policies.

The leader of the opposition United Workers Party, UWP, Allen Chastanet, told the Times he was satisfied with the turnout so far.

“It’s early days yet,” he asserted.

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Castries South East MP, Guy Joseph told the Times: “The evidence is there,look at the number of people that I alone have brought into the march. The crowd you are seeing there is just from Castries South.”

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Joseph said he was not about to predict numbers, but asserted that he could give the assurance that even if one person came out to march, the march would take place and send a message to the government.

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The march was scheduled to begin from 5:PM from the Vigie playing field.

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