Saint Lucians say enough is enough !

Saint Lucians say enough is enough !

Hundreds turned up at the Vigie Playing Field on Thursday, October 22, 2015, to march against the St Lucia Labour Party Government’s widespread disregard for the poor and vulnerable in society. They marched in protest against the SLP-led government with banners, placards, chants and speeches, calling for an immediate response to Labour’s failed policies, which have led to a national social and economic crisis.

Over the last several weeks, the United Workers Party held several public meetings to rally support for the planned protest. The Political Leader of the UWP, Mr. Allen Chastanet, said that their objective had been met, given the large numbers present for the march and the public meeting which followed on the William Peter Boulevard.

“The government’s abdication of responsibility, in the face of the biggest economic crisis to face thousands of households in Saint Lucia is totally unacceptable,” said Mr. Chastanet.

According to the Opposition Leader and MP for Micoud North, Hon. Dr Gale Rigobert “the people of Saint Lucia are evidently fed up with the empty promises and excuses of the Labour Government. Our people can no longer stomach a Government that has no real solutions to the problems that we face in this country and they turned out in large numbers to indicate that they are ready for a real change, real leadership and real governance.”

This march was a litmus test for gauging the people’s perception of Labour’s management of the country’s affairs. In effect, the hundreds of Saint Lucians who supported the march, are saying no to Kennynomics and yes to the United Workers Party, that has a track record of delivery when in government.

As the crowd in the Boulevard grew, speaker after speaker lamented that while the SLP was voted into office on a perceived blueprint for growth, the economic roots of our country have been sucked dry by an inept SLP government.

The Government led by Dr. Kenny Anthony has done a lot to prove its insensitivity to the plight of thousands of Saint Lucians. In just three years, they have increased vehicle licenses, school fees, portable water by 66% and have added a 15% VAT. This is further by compounded by the scores of businesses that have had to downsize and those that have gone out of business entirely, which in part has contributed to the rising unemployment.

It is our role as a party, to represent the interests of every teacher, police officer, fireman, nurse, single parent, farmer, fisherman, youth and the vulnerable in this country. All of whom have reached out to us in solidarity against the hardship we suffer under the SLP.

“Just as we fought against VAT on medication, we will fight against every injustice of the St Lucia Labour Party.” said Rigobert.

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  1. John
    October 26, 2015 at 8:45 am Reply

    Let me ask a question, where did this march take us? to what end, what were the changes by the current administration. Granted a march is a display of peoples dissatisfaction on points of concern. However, the Gas march semed to have more punch than this march. The long list of issues, got lost in the terrible attitude shown to their female member Sarah Flood. This is really just not good enough St. Lucia.

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