Money laundering charge against Doctor Shams dismissed

Money laundering charge against Doctor Shams dismissed

A charge of money laundering against the Chief Executive Officer, (CEO), of Lambirds Academy, Dr. Iftekhar Shams, was dismissed today by Magistrate Ermin Moise in the Gros Islet court.

“He did the right thing, that’s my view,” Attorney at Law, Marcus Foster, who is representing Shams said of the Magistrate’s ruling.

According to Foster, who was seen consulting with his client outside the courthouse today, shams and foster the case had dragged on for more than 180 days which are required to complete a summary matter after charges are laid.

He also told the Times the Crown had not responded to his application for dismissal.

“There was an attempt by the Prosecution to respond but it  was basically a request for another adjournment, and the Magistrate had indicated from since the last occasion that he was going to be making his decision today and  extra time was given for Counsel from the DPP’s office,” Foster disclosed.

marcus foster

He told the Times that one Counsel did make an appearance, but on behalf of another Counsel who was supposed to have been the one present.

Shams still faces a human trafficking charge which is the substantive matter, as well as charges of obtaining by deception.

He is still on remand.

Shams was granted bail but the Prosecution appealed.

However Foster told the Times that the appeal operated as an “unrighteous stay “of the granting of bail, because since the Prosecution’s appeal the matter has not been pursued.

“We will be making further applications for this man to be released from bondage,” the Attorney at Law declared.

Shams and two others are accused of having lured a number of nationals mostly from Nepal and India here, with promises of an education and jobs overseas after a course of study at Lambirds Academy here.

However the students claimed that they were duped and want back the huge sums of money they each paid to the academy.

Many of the students are still in Saint Lucia.

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  1. keepingitreal
    October 28, 2015 at 6:26 am Reply

    The most glaring of all things with our justice system is, how can this case be called forward ahead of other more severe cases when all other cases are held off because of renovations of the courts, is it because that they have money that they can be held in another location? Whats about justice for the poor people, can’t the powers that be relocate temporarily too, to speed up the justice system?
    Lawyers are too quick to call for their creature comforts than their clients rights and well being. They are better prepared to fix the legal system than a mechanic, seamstress, fisherman, farmer, taxi driver etc. it just goes to show that it suits them, that the legal system is in chaos and they make more for their pockets this way so we pay the ultimate price.
    We the people now have the task of putting in a proper legal system that works for the people of this country and make the lawyers and the rest of the judiciary follow our system or they are put out to pasture.

    Bay tease

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