WASCO warns that water situation is grave

WASCO warns that water situation is grave

The Water and Sewerage Company Inc, (WASCO), warning that the current water situation on the Island is not good, has signaled its intention to begin rationing the commodity much sooner next year.

WASCO, the Water Resource Management Agency and the Met Office held a joint news conference today to discuss the current water crisis.

“Things are very bad and even in Babonneau, an area known for rainfall. We actually have to supplement the water supply in Babonneau with supply from the John Compton Dam. If we had not made those provisions Babonneau would have been in more trouble than it is right now,” WASCO’s Senior Operations Manager, Aly Anthony, disclosed.

Anthony noted that the situation was compounded by the fact that officials do not know when the rains will start.

He revealed that there had been a severe decrease in yields at water sources especially on the Eastern side of the Island, while in the Western region there has also been a noticeable reduction, as well as at the John Compton dam.

The Director of the Water Resource Management Agency ,(WRMA), Terrence Gilliard, observed that the decline in river flow rates over several months necessitated the implementation of “serious” water conservation measures at all levels.

Gilliard also spoke of the need to decrease water demand through specific measures.

“We have to revisit the measures we take as we prepare to enter the dry season next year, having not received normal rainfall,” he asserted, adding that there was a possibility that the water shortage experienced this year may be worse next year given current projections.

Gilliard recalled that a water related emergency was declared for Saint Lucia on May 20, and expired on July 31, 2015.

However he observed that while there is no legal restriction on the use of water at this time, there is need to be mindful that the resource is depleting and pollution of water courses through activities such as the dumping of  garbage should not be practiced.


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  1. Jennifer Alexis
    October 27, 2015 at 2:45 pm Reply

    WASCO grow up, things aren’t bad based on the way you work. I called on Friday to report a damaged pipe at 10:15 am , you guys came to repair this damage at 7: 25pm


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