St Jude Hospital Makes Donation to Comfort Bay Senior Citizens Home

St Jude Hospital Makes Donation to Comfort Bay Senior Citizens Home

St Jude Hospital (SJH) has donated a multi-function procedure bed to the Comfort Bay Senior Citizens Home in Vieux Fort. This donation will greatly assist in the treatment of its residents.

The handover was made during a brief ceremony at Comfort Bay on Wednesday October 21, 2015. The bed will be used in Comfort Bay’s newly established Procedure Room.

Mrs. Gertrude Gustave, Officer-in-Charge of Comfort Bay, said that the room will enable basic clinical and medical procedures to be performed at the institution and eliminate the need for transporting residents to St. Jude hospital for some basic procedures.

She stated: “We realized that whenever the doctor came to see the patients there would be no place for her to lay them down for examination. There was no privacy. We upgraded this little room so that when the doctor comes, she can conduct her procedures and whatever little things she needs to do for the residents in privacy.”

District Medical Officer, Dr. Shana Cyr-Philbert, in accepting the donation on behalf of Comfort Bay Senior Citizens Home, said “I’m so grateful for such a kind gesture. On behalf of the staff and patients of Comfort Bay, I would like to say a big thank you to St Jude Hospital and STAAG for such a gesture. We assure you that we will be putting this bed to good use.”

The bed is part of a donation of medical supplies and equipment that was donated to St Jude Hospital by the St Lucia Toronto Aid Action Group (STAAG). This group has been working closely with St. Jude Hospital in its effort to assist the people of St. Lucia. St. Jude Hospital will continue its tradition of sharing such generous donations with deserving organizations and individuals, a practice that has received the endorsement of STAAG.

SJH Nursing Director, Mrs. Verna Charles stated: “We are indeed very proud to deliver this bed today to Comfort Bay. This will enable the facility to perform important clinical assessments and procedures for its residents.”

This donation of a hospital bed comes at an opportune time. October is celebrated internationally as the month of older persons.

St Jude Hospital, as the major healthcare provider serving the southern half of St Lucia, is honored and delighted to partner with STAAG in providing this support to Comfort Bay, a home to 56 residents between the ages of 33 to 98 years.

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