UWP concerned about reported sale of Saint Lucia Distillers Limited

UWP concerned about reported sale of Saint Lucia Distillers Limited

News has reached the United Workers Party that St Lucia Distillers Ltd. is presently being sold by its owners, CLICO.

Considering the existing outstanding issues between CLICO and many insurance policyholders in Saint Lucia, following the collapse of their parent company in Trinidad and Tobago in 2008, following the United Workers Party (UWP) wants to know whether the St Lucia government is aware of this impending transaction, and what is being done to ensure that St Lucian policyholders of CLICO finally receive monies owed to them.

There are still scores of St Lucians holding insurance policies from CLICO that have not been honoured. Has the government of this country considered securing any amount of money from the proposed sale of St Lucia Distillers to settle with the many hard working people who are still waiting to be paid from the collapse of CLICO’s insurance business?

The United Workers Party calls on the government of St Lucia to move with haste to ensure that St Lucians owed by CLICO receive their just rewards from this sale. They have waited for six years to receive their due and it is time that justice is done.

Also considering that CLICO may not have any other substantial assets in Saint Lucia, there may not be any more hope to recover any part of their life long earnings from this failed company.

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