Allen Chastanet’s sponsored walk abused women‏

Allen Chastanet’s sponsored walk abused women‏

Dear Sir:

You only had to see the impression on the faces of the casting crew, Allen ‘Ti pwen toute’ Chastanet; Nancy Charles and Mary Isaac – the Mary Magdalenas; Ezekiel ‘Roy Rogers’ Joseph and Guy ‘Al Capone Joseph’, cocking their heads up to chants of “We want Chastanet and Sarah must go; Take the line, if not we will push you out of the way!”

This was the scenario at the sponsored walk aka protest march for Saint Lucians to express their disgust at the state of the economy and lack of jobs, which turned into an assault on women in general and Sarah Flood-Beaubrun who is contesting the leadership of the United Workers Party (UWP) in particular. This assault, an abuse of women and aimed at Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, was began by Guy ‘Al Capone’ Joseph at a public meeting in Micoud North on October 20, 2015, and continued with the casting crew of the aristocrat Chastanet and his supporters during the protest march on Thursday October 22, 2015. More astonishing, two of the casting crew are women.

If walls could talk, secrets would reveal the treatment by men of their wives in a culture that seldom repudiates the treatment of women, a norm in UWP politics to abuse women of substance dating back to Heralding Rock, Morella Joseph, Mrs Braithwaite, Janice Compton, and now Women in Action (WIA) and Sarah Flood-Beaubrun.

Is this how the casting crew of Allen ‘Ti pwen toute’ Chastanet were raised to treat women? Now imagine, God forbid, the aristocrat Allen ‘Ti pwen toute’ Chastanet; Guy ‘Al Capone’ Joseph, as prime minister and deputy political leader or even leader of the opposition.

Sure bet, a travesty to life in Saint Lucia already terrible will make life unbearable. The noise making and getting attention at any cost by the casting crew is forcing issues under the table. This rarely wins. Surely not in a general election with a doctor’s diagnosis, filled with skeletons and the cancer of religion. 

This direction by the aristocrat Allen ‘Ti pwen toute’ Chastanet and Guy ‘Al Capone’ Joseph, snakes with two heads, no memory, no brain, no intelligence and no idea when to speak, we now know are more than clowns in a circus working to promote self-important leadership of Saint Lucia.After months of promoting a protest march, only 1,500 people showed up from 17 constituencies for a failed sponsored walk, when transportation was free (costing $68,000 plus), food provided, money provided for placards and costume bearers.

That’s the genius of the aristocrat Allen ‘Ti pwen toute’ Chastanet marketing at work.

The UWP with its present leadership does not have the women vote, the youth vote or the floating vote and the party is divided against itself. The aristocrat Allen ‘Ti pwen toute’ Chastanet’s own poll shows a spanking by Kenny and Tony.

When will common sense prevail? No right thinking person is confident with a cartel of greedy Joes and more secret companies A & M (Allen and Michael); CAPAL holdings; Choc Block plant; Lynchburg College building; housing scheme at Ti Rocher – Guy ‘Al Capone’ Joseph’ please educate us! 

There has been ample cause for outrage, from the squalid machinations exposed when UWP politics has become of no moral standing, especially when the aristocrat Allen ‘Ti pwen toute’ Chastanet; Guy ‘Al Capone’ Joseph tell lies upon lies, to fix a lie.

Going back to slavery with the Chastanets and the Du Boulays controlling Saint Lucia is not going to happen no matter what the illiterate delegates do at the convention in November. Poverty remains a blight and a terrible treatment of our people by aristocrats is a source of national shame.

Oh lawd, this is absolutely disgraceful but now, truly ashamed when UWP politics has become of no morals, especially when the aristocrat Allen ‘Ti pwen toute’ Chastanet Guy ‘Al Capone’ Joseph tell lies upon lies looking like damn fools with a vengeance. What old folks like me can see is that, with small groups controlling the UWP, it can never win a general election because they do not appeal to the majority. 

Anyone who abuses women doesn’t deserve to be elected. They cannot be trusted; they will jeopardize the future of this country. Allen ‘Ti pwen toute’ Chastanet and Guy ‘Al Capone’ Joseph, is this how momma raised you? Eh beh, the spectacular failures with political misfits lives on, but I will not allow the precedent of disrespecting women to stand!

The aristocrat Allen ‘Ti pwen toute’ Chastanet and Guy ‘Al Capone’ Joseph must confess their sins beginning with a public apology to all women, persons and organizations for making a deliberate attempt at undermining women’s involvement in national development. 

For God and country I will take the damaged anchor Timothy Poleon’s advice and lend a hand. I will wear my polo shirt #‎AllenChastanetMustGo– Sarah Flood-Beaubrun must stay 

Tori Fatal

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