Colleagues say suspected suicide victim was a model worker

Colleagues say suspected suicide victim was a model worker

The victim of a suspected suicide at Dennery, Gibson Bernard, was a model worker who loved the ladies, colleagues at his place of employment at Islandwide Electrical have disclosed.

According to reliable sources at the company, yesterday the deceased went to reconnect an electrical meter at a home in Ciceron and reportedly engaged in a conversation with a young woman in the house.

“ He was chatting the individual. It was the kind of conversation a man would have with a woman,” one source told the Times, without going into detail.

It is reported that as a result of the conversation, the young woman complained to her parents who filed a complaint, and Bernard was asked to write a report with was submitted to the Saint Lucia Electricity Services Limited, LUCELEC, which contracted Islandwide Electrical to do the job.

The Times was informed that after Gibson submitted the report, he left for home.

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Gibson, it is reported, has been married for about a year to the woman with whom he had been living for several years.

Colleagues described him as a dedicated worker who had been employed with Islandwide Electrical for the past eleven years.

They said that reports that Bernard died after ingesting a poisonous substance had come as a shock.



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