UWP says no reason for celebration over ease of business ranking

UWP says no reason for celebration over ease of business ranking

CASTRIES, Saint Lucia –Thursday, October 29, 2015 – The United Workers Party (UWP) is not surprised at the Government’s attempt to mislead the nation with the recent ranking by the World Bank on the Ease of Doing Business in Saint Lucia.

The St. Lucia Labour Party Administration boastfully presented the ranking to indicate that Saint Lucia had performed exceedingly well — almost a 30 point reduction from last year’s 100th position.

However, what the Government failed to say was that the World Bank had revised last year’s figure from 100 to 73. A correction that has been boldly published on the World Bank’s website along with this year’s ranking of 77.

Therefore, Saint Lucia did not do as well as the Government said it did. In fact we declined in the ranking by negative 4.

This proves that this Kenny Anthony Administration cannot be trusted and continues to piss in our eyes and call it rain.

This same Kenny Anthony has not told the truth on the Grynberg matter, Rochamel fiasco, the Blackbay Lands and the Helenites Affair to name a few.

Kenny Anthony and his Cabinet of Ministers know very well that the economy of Saint Lucia has continued to decline since they took office in 2011, yet, again and again they have twisted the facts in order to mislead the nation.

Saint Lucians must never accept such behavior from a government that claimed to uphold honesty, transparency and accountability when they took office.

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