Prison Guards take on inmates in soccer

Prison Guards take on inmates in soccer

Correctional Officers at Bordelais Prison today took on inmates in a third round of soccer matches in a soccerama at the facility.

pre match prisoners and guards

Prison officials say the games are intended to foster the rehabilitation of inmates.

One prison official told the Times that since the games were introduced, there has been a “great improvement” in the behavior of prisoners and the working relationship between inmates and Correctional Officers.

“The inmates are always eager, always asking for the next game,” the official said.

Today’s matches were witnessed by a small crowd of spectators, including Infrastructure Minister, Philip J. Pierre.

prisoners and guards football 3

Two teams of prisoners and two teams of prison officers were involved.

In the first round match, the Prison officers won.

The second match to determine which teams would play in the finals were ongoing this afternoon.

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