Acting Police Chief comments on alleged plot to bring down the government

Acting Police Chief comments on alleged plot to bring down the government

Acting Police Commissioner, Errol Alexander, has told a news conference that he would prefer an external investigation into what has been reported here as a plot to bring down the government, involving Police officers and business people.

“From my standpoint, I would prefer an external body or person investigating that against the Police because I don’t know how far up it goes,” Alexander said, adding that according to the local statute the Commissioner of Police can only discipline up to the rank of Inspector.

He disclosed that officers above the rank of Inspector are dealt with by the Public Service Commission, PSC.

“The allegations that have been leveled at members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, you don’t know at what level it stops. It may stop at my level, and it would not have been justified for myself as Acting Police Commissioner to have assigned an investigator from within the Police force,” Alexander asserted.

However he refused to be drawn on whether there was a complainant in the matter.

Alexander also responded to questions about whether security had been increased for government Ministers.

“I don’t have a clue that we have increased the security for government Ministers. If you want to speak to the Minister of Home Affairs I can tell you yes, but other Ministers have normal security,” he revealed.

There have been reports of alleged death threats made against Home Affairs and National Security Minister, Philip La Corbiniere.

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  1. Theo Jean
    November 2, 2015 at 6:39 am Reply

    Are we idiots? Why is the COP showing such little respect for the people who pays his salary? The question is what is he doing about it. A public complaint was made by the president of the senate and this complaint was supported by the prime minister who claimed that he had been aware of what the senate guy said. the prime minister also said publicly that he would be instructing the COP on his return to the island. Now the COP pretending that he is moo moo. What’s going on? Are we to take these guys seriously?

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