WASCO says fish may have died from lack of oxygen

WASCO says fish may have died from lack of oxygen

Water and Sewerage Company Inc., (WASCO),  sources have indicated that dead fish discovered in the utility’s raw water monitoring pond at Micoud, may have been the result of a lack of oxygen.

“Perhaps because of the rain and the mud that came down in the river, the fish may have died from a lack of oxygen,” an official has disclosed, adding that investigations so far have not proven that the fish were poisoned.

On Thursday October 29, 2015, WASCO announced that for the second time this month it had been forced to shut down water supply to Micoud and its environs, due to the discovery of dead fish in its   pond at the Micoud Treatment Plant.

The water utility said that the situation had been reported to the Water Resource Management Agency (WRMA) and the Environmental Health Branch, (EHB), of the Ministry of Health, which were  requested to conduct “comprehensive investigations” to determine the cause.


As a result of the shutdown of the water supply to Micoud and its environs, WASCO has been trucking water to residents  following the intervention of Micoud North MP, Doctor Gale Rigobert, according to reports from the community.

WASCO has invited persons who have any information relating to any malpractices in the river course, to report the matter to the Police, the Water Resource Management Agency, the Environmental Health Branch or WASCO.


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