Former Minister believes his phone is bugged

Former Minister believes his phone is bugged

Former Communications, Works, Transport and Public Utilities Minister, Guy Joseph, claims that his telephone and possibly his vehicle may have been bugged.

Joseph, who is the MP for Castries South, made the disclosure to a news conference earlier today.

Asked by Reporters whether he had made a report to the Police based on his suspicions, the MP replied in the negative, saying as far as he was concerned reporting the matter to law enforcement would not make a difference.

Questioned on an alleged plot to frame him, Joseph made reference to what he described as “ certain rumours and allegations” which he said would get worse closer to general elections.

When questioned on whether the situation may be similar to what befell former Housing Minister, Richard Frederick, Joseph declared that some of the things that happened to Frederick were politically motivated.

“All of a sudden where are all the allegations, where are all the accusations that were made about Richard, where are all the things that the FBI is there and this one is there waiting and that one is there waiting and it is just a matter of time?” The Castries South East MP said, adding that all the allegations made against Frederick by the Saint Lucia Labour Party have suddenly disappeared.


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