Official says new gadgets are making Saint Lucian children lazy

Official says new gadgets are making Saint Lucian children lazy

As Saint Lucia prepares to observe World Diabetes Day on November 14, 2015, the President of the Saint Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association, George Eugene, has expressed concern that modern gadgets are making children here lazy.

According to Eugene, in a typical home a father is in one room on a computer, while other members of the family are occupied with other modern electronic devices.

“Nobody says let us go out in the yard and get some exercise,” he lamented.

Eugene asserted that citizens need to become more active, as the situation with diabetes in Saint Lucia is much worse than people think and more young people are being affected.

He disclosed that although his association has embarked on public education about the disease, people are not taking the matter seriously.

Eugene said this was especially true of men.

“Women go to the Doctor on a regular basis, but men say they don’t need to go to the Doctor and can take care of themselves, until it’s too late,” he asserted.

According to the association President, when men are seriously affected by diabetes it impacts heavily on the families for which they are breadwinners.

He revealed that renal failure, which is a complication from diabetes, is a major problem with ninety four persons currently on dialysis machines while eighty four are on the waiting list due to the insufficient number of machines available.

“People who are forty years old and younger are dying because of not being able to be dialyzed,” he said.

The Saint Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association is observing a month of activities this month to intensify public awareness about diabetes.


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