Opposition leader expresses outrage at gang rape

Opposition leader expresses outrage at gang rape

The leader of the opposition, Doctor Gale Rigobert, has expressed outrage at the gang rape last night of two teenage girls at their home in Reduit, by gun toting masked intruders.

“Two innocent teenagers in the comfort and security of their home were attacked by masked men,” a clearly upset Rigobert told the Times, adding that she has no tolerance for such incidents and that the society should adopt the same stance.

.“We should take a stance, and the powers that be need to send a strong message to would be rapists that they will feel the full brunt of the law,” the MP for Micoud North asserted.

Rigobert also raised questions about the government’s priorities.

She said:

“ How many more incidents of rape must we learn of before the government finds it necessary to allocate adequate resources to the various agencies whether it be the Department of Human Services or the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force so that they can make the necessary intervention?”.

The leader of the opposition recalled remarking just yesterday that it was “worrying” that to date the Forensic Laboratory remains closed, to the extent that the Police at their news conference last week “insinuated” that the closure is retarding their progress with respect to resolving crime in this country.

“Yes we have infrastructural needs and roads and bridges need to be built, but I think it is time that the government should divert some funds from elsewhere and pump them into the Human Services and the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, so that we can have the requisite manpower and technical resources to pursue criminals who insist on violating young women,” Rigobert told the Times.

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