Minister condemns gang rape, wants discussion on pepper spray and mace

Minister condemns gang rape, wants discussion on pepper spray and mace

Minister for Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations, Alvina Reynolds, has strongly condemned the recent reported gang rape of two young females in an apartment in Rodney Bay, raising questions as to how women can respond to such attacks.

“How can we as women fight back in the sense of protection, pepper spray, mace the conversation must begin,” Reynolds said.

According to the Minister, there has been a lot of talk and sessions to sensitize men on their role in working with women and respecting them.

However she lamented that the efforts have fallen on some deaf ears, and asserted that amid all the talk there must be action.

“As a Cabinet we will begin to have that discussion for pepper spray and mace and for women to begin to arm themselves with something, ” the Minister declared, while adding that the recent gang rape provides an opportunity for broad public discussion on how women can protect themselves.

“I want to send a strong message out to the men of this country that enough is enough, that there must be respect for women, there must be that sense of wanting to protect women. We are equal partners in this country and one group cannot be seen as being disrespected and violated again and again,” Reynolds said.

She said that have the police everywhere that women are is impossible, hence the reason to look at the situation of prevention as opposed to responding after an incident has occurred.



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