Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia condemns rape and violation of women

Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia condemns rape and violation of women

Castries, Saint Lucia, Wednesday, 04 November 2015: Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia is appalled and horrified at the surge of violent sexual crimes against our women and girls by aggressive and sadistic males. We condemn in the strongest of terms, the rape of our sisters, who were violated in the sanctity of their homes. We call the entire society to be intolerant of all forms of sexual violation whether in the home, the workplace or in the public.

We call on the Government of Saint Lucia to put the safety of our women at the very top of their priority list. Recent incidents are an indication that there is no fear in the minds of those who forcefully invade the homes of and violate women in general; that they will be caught and prosecuted.

It is obvious that the violators are aware of the weaknesses in the Justice System including the Police’s in-ability to investigate and solve sex crimes due to the lack of resources available to them. Too many cases have gone unreported because victims lack confidence in the Justice System; too many cases are waiting to be processed! Too many cases are left unsolved! This has to stop!

Raise Your Voice calls on all “MEN” to stand up in unity and raise their voices and condemn the actions of those who are committing those heinous crimes against women and girls.

Raise Your Voice calls on citizens to march in solidarity with us, on Wednesday November 25th, 2015, at 2:00 PM., to call upon our policy makers to provide the necessary training, equipment, personnel and facilities so we can realize a drastic reduction of sex crimes against women and girls.

November 25th each year is established by the United Nations as “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”, details of March will be announced in another release

Women and children need to feel safe in their homes and in their country!

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