Micoud North MP challenges unemployed youth to volunteer their services

Micoud North MP challenges unemployed youth to volunteer their services

MP for Micoud North, Doctor Gale Rigobert, has challenged unemployed youth to consider the option of volunteering their services to public and private sector companies, so that they could be in line for permanent employment whenever a vacancy becomes available.

Rigobert has said that she is an avid believer in such a concept, noting that in her own offices as leader of the opposition and MP, two individuals who initially started as volunteers, are now on the permanent staff.

“They can gain experience until there is an opening,” she told the Times.

The Micoud North MP spoke ahead of her planned job fair to be held in Micoud tomorrow, Friday November 6, 2015, to which she has invited young people from all the surrounding communities.

She said that notwithstanding Saint Lucia’s dire economic problems, business closures and rising unemployment rates, there are opportunities available – however slim.

The job fair will bring together employers from the public and private sector to engage with young unemployed individuals, recent graduates ,persons who have been made redundant, and secondary school students in the process of planning their professional careers.

“Too very often employers lament that notwithstanding the thousands of students who graduate, they are not always employable ,given that there are particular skill sets that employers are looking for that they sometimes do not possess,” Rigobert told the Times.

She disclosed that she had also invited primary school students to attend the job fair because she believes in children forecasting their future.

“They are not too young to be sensitized to various professional options,” the Micoud North MP asserted.

Rigobert expressed her thanks to the public and private sector agencies and the sponsors that have agreed to take part in the event, saying that there was need to give hope to young people, many of whom are disenchanted.

She felt that with youth unemployment running at about fifty percent, it would be much higher in the rural areas.

The job fair will be held from 10:Am to 3:PM.


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