Vieux Fort North MP expresses concern about flooding

Vieux Fort North MP expresses concern about flooding

The Hon Moses Jn Baptiste MP for Vieux Fort North expresses his concerns about today’s floods especially as the communities of Joyeaux , Mourne Cayenne,Aupicon  and La retriate in VFort North are usually negatively impacted by heavy rains more than most areas in the constituency.

The MP is out of state and has communicated with both Mr.Norman Edward Constiruency Council Chair and Dwane Edward Chair of the Disaster Prep. Committee.

He urges all Vieux Fort North constituents to work together and help each other through any difficulties at this time.

Additionally the MP who is tbe Minister for Ag.Fisheries Coooeratives indicates that he has been in communication with the PS of Minisrty and urges all farmers, fishers and members of cooperatives to protect their families and property .

He indicates that he will be home by Sunday of this week.

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