Mayor responds to criticism of the state of Castries

Mayor responds to criticism of the state of Castries

Castries Mayor, Shirley Lewis, has been responding to criticism of the state of Castries.

“When people talk about the state of Castries I really and truly would like to know exactly where they are talking about because every day we send out people to clean the City. We have even begun to engage people for special projects in the City after hours collecting garbage,” Lewis told the Times.

However she lamented that only this week after the City had been cleaned up the day before, by 8 O’ clock the next morning garbage had been strewn everywhere.

Lewis told the Times that vagrants are sometimes responsible, rummaging through garbage and bursting bags containing rubbish in an attempt to find something of value to them.

She expressed the view that agencies such as the Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority, SLSWMA, and the Ministry of Health ought to become involved to address that issue.

“People blame the City Council, but I don’t know what the Council can do about vagrants,” the Castries Mayor declared.

She asserted that vagrants are human beings who have families that need to look out for their own.

“Everything can’t be thrown on the state and the City Council, “ Lewis declared.

On the issue of stray dogs in the capital, the Mayor pointed out that the animals have owners.

She also spoke of persons who frequently urinate in various parts of the City.

“There are stations around the City but they never look for one, they just take it out and do it right there,” Lewis lamented, adding : “People must know that they should not pee on the side of the road.”

According to the Mayor, there are regulations against such practices and it is up to the Police to ensure that the regulations are enforced.


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  1. Annoyed
    November 7, 2015 at 6:08 pm Reply

    Stray dogs have owners, yes that is what we assume. So then there should be a process of impounding these strays, hold the owners accountable, because the owners do not care two dots about their dogs. Have these dogs spayed or neutered before returning them to the owners.
    Strays are a problem all over the island. And let us not even go to the cats!
    As an animal lover it breaks my heart when I sea all these hungry looking cats sneaking about everywhere.

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