Vendors Association President wants creation of tourism zones

Vendors Association President wants creation of tourism zones

The President of the Saint Lucia Vendors Association, Peter “Ras Ipa” Isaac, has called for the creation of tourism zones, in a bid to combat tourist harassment.

“I have spoken to SLASPA (Saint Lucia Air and Seaports Authority) about Jeremie Street by the La Place Carenage area, Jn Baptiste Street and the centre of these areas along John Compton Highway there, they should really designate this area as some kind of Tourism Zone that anybody within that zone that is trying to engage tourists should be licensed,” Isaac said during an interview with the Times.

He said what usually happens is that some persons who approach visitors, ostensibly to sell them various items, are really engaged in illicit activities including the sale of drugs.

According to Isaac, others are merely seeking an opportunity to rob visitors.

“Someone gives them one hundred dollars and when they don’t have change they say they are going to get change and never return,” the Vendors Association President asserted.

He was of the opinion that introducing some sort of regulation of vending activities would help resolve some of the problems of visitor harassment and incidents like purse snatching.


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