Micoud North MP outraged at alleged rape of ninety-seven year old

Micoud North MP outraged at alleged rape of ninety-seven year old

Micoud North MP, Doctor Gale Rigobert, has expressed outrage at the alleged rape last night of a well-known ninety-seven year old woman in the community of Mon Repos.

“Heartless  and senseless are the two words that come to mind immediately;I mean one does not even have the lexicon to describe the outrage and the anger that I feel. It is almost as if someone is having a cruel joke on the society so to speak,” Rigobert told the Times.

She described the alleged victim as an independent senior citizen who goes about her daily routine, with her neighbours looking out for her.

“To be attacked so viciously it is horrendous, it is a heinous crime. I hope the perpetrators will be brought to justice and law enforcement will stop at nothing to nab the person and ensure that they feel the full brunt of the law,” the Micoud North MP and leader of the Parliamentary Opposition told the Times.

She described the community as being very supportive.

“Clearly the person who did this is sick in mind, body and soul,” Rigobert asserted.

She said her heart goes out to the family of the ninety-seven year old, some of whom she has interacted with.

“I can well imagine the horror they feel for their loved one having gone through something of this nature,” Rigobert declared, adding that she was outraged that it seems as if every day there are reports of sexual offences.

“I am wondering at what point it will stop,” she said, noting that it was time that an example is made of perpetrators of such crimes by having to face the full brunt of the law.

According to Rigobert, the matter of sexual offences is a national issue.



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