Police implement strategy to deal with increase in rapes

Police implement strategy to deal with increase in rapes

In light of the recent increase in rape and other sexual offences, The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force through its’ Vulnerable Persons Team and Criminal Investigations Department has implemented a new strategy.

The organization is expecting that this new strategy will not only assist in minimizing the occurrence of rape incidents on the island but also increase the arrest rate of offenders.

The Police would like to inform the citizenry that whereas there isn’t any excuse or justifiable reason for one to rape another, it is incumbent on everyone to ensure that they minimize their chances of being vulnerable to rape and other sexual assaults.

The Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, Severin Moncherry has stated:

“No stone will be left unturned as the RSLPF seeks to bring a stop to the attacks by those who prey on vulnerable persons in Saint Lucia.”

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