Richard Frederick says UWP headed for destruction

Richard Frederick says UWP headed for destruction

Castries Central MP, Richard Frederick, who was expelled from the United Workers Party, UWP, in August last year, has asserted that the party is headed for destruction under its current leader, Allen Chastanet.

“ Allen Chastanet has a history, a record of destroying everything he touches. It is no wonder that his father has said repeatedly that he does not want Allen Chastanet around his business,” Frederick told reporters outside parliament yesterday.

According to Frederick, he knew that long as Chastanet found himself at the helm, the party would have been headed for destruction.

The Castries Central MP declared that everything is being done to negate the possibility of the UWP forming the government.

He accused Chastanet of employing division as well as firing and sidelining individuals, while believing that structures were being put in place within the UWP.

“In politics every vote counts, and when you take away the voice of one person who has influential impact or an effect on other voters then invariably you  are not affecting one voter, you are affecting a barrage of people who may be the follower of that specific voter,” Frederick said.

“I wish Sarah well,” he declared, referring to Sarah Flood-Beaubrun’s challenge to Chastanet for the leadership of the UWP at its upcoming November 15, 2015 convention.

However Frederick asserted that she is not going to win, because the process has been “infested” with manipulation.

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  1. Joe
    November 11, 2015 at 10:22 am Reply

    Of course the delegate process in the UWP has been infected.

    When faced with the fact of their own poll showing that Kenny will beat a Chastanet led UWP very handily the only reply from the UWP hacks is to basically say that the delegates have been paid off and that is that.

    We are told that a few drinks and free meals and the UWP delegetes are in Chastanet’s pocket in spite of his cluelessness.

    We can only hope that come Nov 15th that the UWP delegates will put st Lucia before the little trinkets offered by Chastanet.

    1. Gene Smith
      November 11, 2015 at 4:06 pm Reply

      SLP uses the same tactics to have their hacks vote for them. Why do you idiots constantly put blame on Chastanet? Don’t you realize that the more you guys campaign against him is the more popular he gets. Consider all that was said about Barack Obama when he was hardly known in US politics, did that stop the Americans from voting for him ? People like you are really pathetic.

  2. Kimber
    November 11, 2015 at 12:34 pm Reply

    Just like the destruction you used ORC to commit. Just a matter of time cock sen zel

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