Vendors upset over Minister’s remarks in response to attacks on tourists

Vendors upset over Minister’s remarks in response to attacks on tourists

Castries vendors say they are incensed over remarks made by Tourism Minister, Lorne Theophilus, in response to attacks on tourists.

In response to complaints by vendors about frequent muggings of visitors affecting their business, Theophilus had said that the authorities here are always concerned about crime.

But at the same time the Minister said he does not believe that crime is what if affecting the vendors’ business, and encouraged them to provide unique products to visitors.

A clearly annoyed Vendors Association President, Peter “Ras Ipa” Isaac, accused the Minister of skirting the issue.

“Apparently he has no answers and as a result he feels that the best thing to do is to divert attention, rather than address the issue,” Isaac said.

Asserting that he personally has no problem with Theophilus, Isaac called on the Minister to deal with the issue of crime against visitors and not operate in “bubble.”

The Vendors Association President asserted that vendors are retailers, not manufacturers of the products that they sell.

“To say we are not creative is incorrect because we have created employment for ourselves,” he said.

According to Isaac, the Minister has never once engaged the vendors in any discussion as to the way forward for the tourism industry, although they have ideas about some of the things that should be done before the season reopens.




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  1. ahmed popo
    November 12, 2015 at 11:10 am Reply

    Shame on the Minister of tourism.The world has much more competition and St.Lucia must project a much better image and the minister must be sitting on top of of Gros Piton.The vendors are witnesses of what is happening,the minister should meet with the community of vendors,city council and the minister for local constituencies.Hire some of the unemployed youth and have them welcoming the tourist and guiding through town ,pay them a small stipend.Establish a strong city council constabulary for enforcing the laws in Castries,this set up should be all over St.Lucia ,Soufriere,Vieux Fort etc.Let us stop ignoring and being defensive make the negative a positive.

  2. charm
    November 12, 2015 at 1:46 pm Reply

    hire some of the unemployed youth and pay them with what? smiles.. should we tell them to work and smile for them later. Let’s be real people. As a minister he should engage all parties and stakeholders but can the vendors please take some responsibility. Can they take some time to package their products and make it more attractive to potential buyers? Can they try to keep their areas clean so that buyers are not turned off by the smell and utter chaos?
    How long must we as St Lucians rely on government to fix all our problems. Its obvious that they won’t or can’t so lets take back our pride and be responsible for our livelihood

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