PM believes serial rapists on the loose

PM believes serial rapists on the loose

Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, believes that there are serial rapists in Saint Lucia.

Anthony was speaking against the backdrop of national outrage over a series of incidents of rape, including this week’s rape of a ninety-seven year old woman.

“I do think that there are serial rapists in Saint Lucia, not just individuals who commit one offence and that’s it, but I do think there are individuals who repeat such offences and really they have no place in our communities and in our society except to be behind bars,” the Prime Minister declared.

He also responded to calls by the local representative of the Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action, CAFRA, Flavia Cherry, for mandatory life imprisonment plus naming and shaming of rapists.

Quoting from Section 123 of Saint Lucia’s Criminal Code Anthony, who is a former University of the West Indies Law Lecturer, noted that anyone convicted of the offence of rape is liable upon conviction to imprisonment for life.

“So what Flavia is asking for is in the law,” the Prime Minister asserted, while noting that the Judge is the one who decides on the sentencing of an offender.

Anthony did agree however, that there was need for a mechanism that allows sex offenders to be named so that people could have a sense of who the offenders are.

“One of the things that I think is vital is that the Police Force develop a date base of sex offenders including DNA evidence of those offenders. I think that is crucial not just for purposes of investigation but help us to detect the serial rapists,” the Prime Minister asserted.

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